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Rhizomatic Awesomeness

How a simple status update on Facebook ended up devouring several hours of otherwise productive time. Continue reading

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State Senator Jake Knotts, Keeping South Carolina Classy

In case you haven’t heard this already…there’s an ignorant, fundamentalist bigot working in the government in South Carolina. Continue reading

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“Adult Language”

Of all the euphemism I’ve heard for language that is likely to offend uptight folks, “Adult Language” is probably my favorite one.  The rest tend to be divided among a few categories:  the religious, the judgmental, and the silly.  The … Continue reading

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a few carefully selected thoughts about the word “random”

It’s so much easier to label items, ideas, or people “random” than it is to expend a bit of mental energy on figuring out what they might have in common or why they’ve been chosen. Continue reading

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