Kevin is not amused

[Here’s a guest blog from my cat.  We just moved to an apartment in a new city, and he seems to have lots of opinions about the whole thing.  I did the transcription and translation, so any errors in the manuscript are my own.] Continue reading

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Boxes and Books

The thing about moving, see, is that it’s all about boxes.  Finding boxes, sorting boxes, packing boxes, loading boxes, moving boxes, unloading boxes, unpacking boxes, re-sorting boxes, and getting rid of boxes.

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Prejudice, Apartment Hunting, and White Liberal Guilt

Here’s what I recognized recently:  there’s nothing like exploring neighborhoods and looking for apartments in a city you’re unfamiliar with to reveal how prejudiced you actually are.  Like many graduate-degree-holding, NPR-listening, artsy-fartsy liberal types, I always like to tell myself that I’m above the sort of bigotry that I roll my eyes at when it’s demonstrated by folks I’d generally consider unsophisticated, ignorant thugs.  Spending a couple days driving around a city looking for cheap apartments, however, reminded me that I have some thuggish impulses occasionally, too. Continue reading

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Ever Have One of Those Days?

Maybe it’s the stress of trying to find a place to live and packing and getting ready to move.  Maybe it’s the weather, with its absurd zig-zagging between oppressive heat and cold rain.  Or maybe I’m just not sleeping enough.  But, whatever it is, this is how I feel today:

I don’t even know what animal that is, but I think we should have a beer together and commiserate.

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I Think I Might Be a Hyrax

You know how you sometimes see something on the internet that you wish you hadn’t seen?  (I’ve consciously avoided the Human Centipede and Two Girls One Cup business that I’ve heard so much about, but from what I understand they fall into this category.)  Well, somewhere in the process of looking for something else entirely, I found a picture of a hyrax.  As tends to happen while internetting around, one image led to a search which led to another search and before I knew it I had got this notion stuck in my head:  if I were an animal, I’d be a hyrax.  Technically there are a variety of types of hyraxes.  I think I’m more like the Tree Hyrax than the Rock Hyrax in terms of behavior… but in terms of appearance, I’m Rock Hyrax all the way.  I mean, the physical resemblence is obvious to anyone who’s seen me in person.  But it’s more than that. Continue reading

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She did not have sexual relations with that man

Laurie David

Laurie David, an environmental activist and member of the Board of Trustees of the Natural Resources Defense Council, wants everyone to know she didn’t have an affair with Al Gore.  She didn’t break up Al and Tipper’s 40 year marriage.

She felt compelled to announce this to Huffington Post yesterday.  And why?  Because there was an article in Star Magazine that said she and Al were gettin’ it on.  The exclusive report from Star quotes an unnamed “insider” who claims “Al and Laurie went from friends to lovers.” Continue reading

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This Week’s Brain Crush: Ira Glass

I just read an interview on Slate, conducted by Kathryn Schulz, author of the book Being Wrong:  Adventures in the Margin of Error. The subject of the interview—Ira Glass, host of This American Life—is also the subject of my latest “brain crush.” Continue reading

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