Emily, Evil Beet, and the Power of the Shout-Out

Q.  How awesome is Emily, the new member of the Evil Beet Gossip Blog team?

A.  Very.

But perhaps I’m biased.  See, yesterday she posted a blog about Justin Bieber fans and graciously included a link to a goofy blog post of mine in which I imagine the Bieb’s future VH1 Behind the Music special.  To say that her shout-out helped increase my traffic would be a major understatement.  For the sake of mathematical specificity, I busted out the calculator and figured it out.  The number of visits to my site increased 326.6% in one day.  Um, yeah.  That’s not a typo.  326.6%.  That’s almost 327%, yo!

And the people who visited my blog through her referral checked out other posts beyond the one on The Little Bieberling.  So that’s cool, too.

All of which leads me to suggest that my readers who didn’t find me through Emily should go check out her stuff on Evil Beet right away.  She’s a gossip girl, and I mean that in the good way… not the trashy teen soap opera way.  She writes about celebrities and t.v. and news and, most importantly, she likes all the right stuff (e.g. House, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Conan O’Brien) and is dead on about who’s just batshit crazy (e.g. Ke$ha, Mariah Carey, Westboro Baptist Church).  Though, to be honest, she’s maybe a bit harsh about Lady Gaga.  I can forgive that, though, because she digs Bowie so much.

So, Emily, as a way of saying thanks for the shout-out and the traffic, here are two pictures you need to cut out and tape to your bathroom mirror so you can see ‘em every morning when you brush your teeth.  I’m convinced they’ll get your day off to a happier start.

Who needs eyebrows when you've got awesome shoulder pads and a macrame dickey?

Who needs buttons when you're a Tudor King with a sword?

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