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Dramatic Relationships

Playwrights whose plays I could have relationships with. Continue reading

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Catholics Interview Potential Seminarians

an overview of the steps being taken by seminaries, bishops, and psychologists employed by the church to make sure nobody gets to be a priest if they’re gay Continue reading

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Playwrights Whose Plays I Can Be Friends With…But Not Date

I’ve read a few plays. Quite a few, in fact. There are some that I loved, some that I hated, and some that fell somewhere in between—somewhere between “meh” and “fine.” And then there’s a separate category that frustrates me a bit: the plays that I can tell are well written and maybe even historically important, but that I just don’t like nearly as much as I feel I should. Continue reading

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Generation Y

A few recently published studies about the characteristics and opinions of Generation Y attracted my attention to this topic. Continue reading

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Little Red Sports Cars

25 behaviors of recent college graduates that are also, for a 41 year old single man, symptomatic of a potentially debilitating midlife crisis Continue reading

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25 movies that were better than the books they were based on

Making a list of books that are better than the movies they inspired would take way too much time, since that list would include almost every book turned into a movie. BUT, I think there are a few exceptions to this trend. So, here’s my list of movies that I think are better than the books that inspired them. Continue reading

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“Adult Language”

Of all the euphemism I’ve heard for language that is likely to offend uptight folks, “Adult Language” is probably my favorite one.  The rest tend to be divided among a few categories:  the religious, the judgmental, and the silly.  The … Continue reading

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